Detecting cached CSS style sheets

Have you ever deployed an improved version of your web pages, just to find out that the visitors have to press Ctrl-R (Reload) to get them right as their browsers have cached the Cascaded Style Sheet (.css) files used in your web site. Renaming the style sheet files every time you change them definitely solves the problem, but requires changing all the related web pages as well.
It's infinitely better if you can detect that the style sheets are cached by the browser (and thus obsolete) and respond with a forced reload. In the simplest case (more about version control in another post), you can detect that the style sheets referenced by your web page are missing a class (or id) selector that you need. Include the browser-independent stylesheet library in your web page and add the following code somewhere in the body of the page:
<script>if (xHasStyleSheets() && ! xHasStyleSelector('.myClass')) location.reload(true);</script>
If you're looking for an ID selector,  replace '.myClass' with '#myID'.

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