Make pop-up windows visible to search engines

The article Make Pop-Up Windows Visible to Search Engines shows you how to open the pop-up windows from your web pages (although that's more and more often considered a bad practice that should be limited to special cases) while still retaining links to the pop-up content that can then be discovered by search engines.

Recommended wrapper libraries

In the last year, I've settled on two JavaScript browser wrapper libraries that satisfy almost all my needs to achieve browser version/platform independency: Sarissa handles XML, XSLT and XMLHTTPRequest and the X library handles a large number of DHTML- and DOM-related functions.

Note: I decided not to use a framework library. If you want to go down that route, these two would be way too low-level.

Automate the pagination of web pages

A lot of articles of the web (for example, this one) document how you can present a web page as a series of screen-sized pages. In most cases, the page author has to provide the pagination (in form of DIV elements, for example). In the InformIT article Automate the Pagination of Your Web Pages, I'm describing a method of generating the pages from linear text automatically in the browser, based on (for example) heading elements.