Detect included libraries in ASP

My ASP applications rely a lot on included libraries. As I usually end up with a complex hierarchy of libraries, it's not always possible to include the required modules in the dependent library. This makes debugging a bit more interesting, as you cannot be sure all the prerequisites have been included in the main .asp page unless you test all code paths.

To work around this problem, I wrote a small routine that checks for existence of prerequisite functions and throws an exception documenting what went wrong.
' CheckIncludedLibrary - checks if the incRoutine is available,
' otherwise throws an exception documenting that srcLibrary
' needs incLibrary
Sub CheckIncludedLibrary(incRoutine,srcLibrary,incLibrary)
Dim routineRef

On Error Resume Next
Set routineRef = GetRef(incRoutine)
If Err.Number <> 0 Then On Error Goto 0 : _
Err.Raise vbObjectError+1,srcLibrary, _
"You have to include " & incLibrary
End Sub

You would use this routine in a way similar to the example below:
' This library requires inclusion of /forms/xmlLibrary.asp,
' /forms/lib/editLibrary.asp and /asp/incPostingPreview.asp

CheckIncludedLibrary "NewXMLTextElement", _
CheckIncludedLibrary "EnrichElementText", _
CheckIncludedLibrary "PostToPreview", _

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