Firefox 1.5 bug: table.rows property is empty when using XSL

If you generate a table in Firefox 1.5 with an XSL stylesheet within the browser from an XML document loaded from the server, the table's rows property will contain no rows. You can still get the rows using the childNodes property though.

To make matters worse, Firefox does not generate an implicit TBODY element in the DOM tree, but IE7 and Opera do. Makes for a nice nightmare if you aim at cross-browser support ... the workaround code is included below:
function recurseChildNodes(parent,tag,callback) {
if (! parent.nodeName) return;
if (parent.nodeName.toLowerCase() == tag) { callback(parent); return; }
if (! parent.childNodes) return;

for (var i = 0; i < parent.childNodes.length; i++) {


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