XSLT-generated documents are never rendered in quirks mode in Firefox

I'm a heavy user of browser-side XSLT transformations (you can learn more about the techniques I'm using in the article I wrote for InformIT.com). While I'm usually generating HTML 4.0 (or event XHTML-) compliant transformation results, every now and then I would like to put the browser in quirks mode, for example, when I would like the text of my page to span the whole browser window (which is easily done with a TABLE with height set to 100% in quirks mode).

While this trick works nicely in Internet Explorer, Firefox produces standards mode layout (with TABLE contents condensed at the top of the screen) regardless of the HTML output the XSLT transformation generates. Probably this is due to the fact that the XSLT transformation in Firefox does not produce interim HTML string, but transforms DOM tree into another DOM tree.

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Marijan said...

Bok :)
Vidim da si imao isti problem, naime pokushavam direktno ucitavati XML/XSL u browseru,bez ajaxa, i radi sa IE7, radi sa Safarijem, al ne radi sa FF i sa Operom.
U ta 2 browsera transformira u XHTML DTD modu. Moj ti je mejl marijan.milinovic@gmail.com pa mozemo razmijeniti iskustva.

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