Automatic generation of HTML/WikiMarkup from Word

After developing the XSLT translations that convert WordProcessingML (Microsoft Word XML) into desired HTML or MediaWiki markup, I wanted to integrate them tightly into Word, so I wrote a Word macro that automatically:
  • Performs the conversion using the specified XSLT file;
  • Opens the new document as text;
  • Selects the converted text and copies it to the clipboard;
  • Reopens the original file;
  • Informs the user that the clipboard contains converted text, ready to be pasted into Blogger or MediaWiki.

Here is the source code for the macros:

Sub SaveAsWiki()
' SaveAsWiki Macro
' Save Word document as Wiki markup
    ConvertWithXSL "createWikiMarkup.xsl"
    MsgBox "The Wiki Markup is on the clipboard", vbOKOnly, "Done"
End Sub

Sub SaveAsBlogger()
' SaveAsBlogger: save word document as blogger-optimized HTML markup
    ConvertWithXSL "createBloggerMarkup.xsl"
    MsgBox "The Blogger Markup is on the clipboard", vbOKOnly, "Done"
End Sub

Sub ConvertWithXSL(XSLFile As String)
' ConvertWithXSL: converts the Word document with specified XSL
    Dim XPath, DocName, TxtPath
    XPath = ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate.Path & _
            Application.PathSeparator & XSLFile
    TxtPath = Environ("TEMP")
    If TxtPath <> "" Then TxtPath = TxtPath & "\"
    TxtPath = TxtPath & "wmk.txt"
    DocName = ActiveDocument.FullName
    If MsgBox("The conversion process will lose all changes you've made. " & _
              "You have to save the document before running the conversion. " & _
              "Did you do it?", vbYesNo, "Warning") <> vbYes Then Exit Sub
    With ActiveDocument
        .XMLSaveDataOnly = False
        .XMLUseXSLTWhenSaving = True
        .XMLSaveThroughXSLT = XPath
        .XMLHideNamespaces = False
        .XMLShowAdvancedErrors = False
        .XMLSchemaReferences.HideValidationErrors = False
        .XMLSchemaReferences.AutomaticValidation = True
        .XMLSchemaReferences.IgnoreMixedContent = False
        .XMLSchemaReferences.AllowSaveAsXMLWithoutValidation = True
        .XMLSchemaReferences.ShowPlaceholderText = False
    End With
    ActiveDocument.SaveAs _
        FileName:=TxtPath, FileFormat:=wdFormatXML, _
    Documents.Open FileName:=TxtPath, ConfirmConversions:=False, _
        ReadOnly:=False, AddToRecentFiles:=False, _
        Format:=wdOpenFormatAuto, Encoding:=65001
    Documents.Open FileName:=DocName
End Sub

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