XSLT transformation in ASP: HTML with MSXML6

If your IIS platform includes MSXML6, you should use MSXML6 to transform XML into HTML instead of MSXML3 (see the Using the right version of MSXML article for proper fallback process). MSXML6 still generates the META tag (the MSXML3-related post describes problems caused by the META tag), but does not include the charset parameter in it, resulting in perfect HTML output. The sample ASP program using the simple XSLT transformation from the “XSLT transformation in ASP: HTML with MSXML3” post produces the following output when using MSXML6 (MSXML2.DomDocument.6.0 ProgID):

<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html">
<title>Sample XSLT server-side transformation</title>
<body><node type="test">Greek letter: β EE: č</node></body>

If you want to use complex XSLT transformations with MSXML6, you might have to set additional second-level DOM properties, for example AllowDocumentFunction. You might also want to set ValidateOnParse to false if the validity of your XML document is not a major concern.

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