Generate HTML form data in VBscript

Sometimes you have to post form data in an AJAX call started from server-side ASP script (or WSH script). The following VBScript functions will return well-formed form data that you can use with the application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME type:

Function URLEncoded(V) ' … private
  Dim CC,I,Enc
  Enc = ""

  For I = 1 To Len(V)
    CC = AscW(Mid(V,I,1))
    If (CC >= 48 And CC < 58) Or (CC >= 64 And CC < 90) Or (CC >= 97 And CC < 124) Or CC = 95 Or CC = 45 Or CC = 46 Then
      Enc = Enc & Mid(V,I,1)
      Enc = Enc & "%" & Hex(CC)
    End If
  URLEncoded = Enc
End Function

Function CreateFormField(F,V) ' … private
  CreateFormField = F & "=" & URLEncoded(CStr(V))
End Function  

' EncodeFormData: Return form data for a POST request
' Input: N – array of form field names
'        V – array of form field values
' Return: encoded form data
Function EncodeFormData(N,V)
  Dim I
  For I = LBound(N) To UBound(N)
    If I <> LBound(N) Then EncodeFormData = EncodeFormData & "&"
    EncodeFormData = EncodeFormData & CreateFormField(N(I),V(I))
End Function


Gabriel said...

Hi, nice example but I have to insert a type-file field into the form... can I use this example to do that? if not, what can I do?

Gabriel said...

Sorry, other quetion. How I can post de form?

Many thanks.

Ivan Pepelnjak said...

You post the form with the IServerXmlHttpRequest object. Encoding the file is "a bit" tricky and might be somewhat hard to implement in ASP.

I've only used file upload with ASP and bought a third-party library to handle it.

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