The Blogger software "quality"

I'm constantly amazed by Google's lack of quality (at least in the Blogger area). Let me give you two simple examples:
  • Google has added embedded comment form to Blogger posts. This form works flawlessly with all versions of Firefox on Windows/Linux platforms and fails consistently with IE7 (you have to submit the comment twice). The bug appears in all of my blogs, regardless of when they've been created and what template they use.
  • Google has introduced post ratings months ago. They've immediately got customer feedback that the web pages hang when viewed with Firefox. Five minute long investigation reveals the cause to anyone who's willing to figure it out: Sometimes the AJAX requests they're using take a long time to complete and obviously they're using synchronous XMLHTTPRequest calls in Firefox, blocking the browser.

In both cases, the bugs have been present for months, numerous users have complained (loudly) and nothing has been fixed. Will this affect Google? Probably not. Will I recommend their business applications to my customers? Definitely not.

Just in case you might wonder why I'm yammering in my blog and not complaining to Google: Once they've explicitely asked for our feedback on a new Blogger feature. I've submitted my bug report and never got as much as an acknowledgement ... and the bug that's been bothering me is still there.

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