Firebug does not work on XSLT-translated pages

If you want to use Firebug with Firefox 3 on pages using client-side XSLT transformation, you’re out of luck. Firebug simply does not work; the only way to a half-working environment is the following:

  • Restart the browser
  • Open an XML page with the xml-stylesheet directive.
  • Open a new tab and load a regular page into it.
  • Switch back to the previous tab. Firebug works within the context of the currently loaded page.

What’s really sad is that this has been reported by one of the Firebug developers almost two years ago … and nobody found it important enough to change the bug status from NEW to anything else.


Brent said...

I found pretty much the same work-around. Here's another one I found: create regular old html page and load the XML page with the xml-stylesheet directive in an iframe on that page. Haven't tried this in Firefox 3, but it works in 3.5.

Ivan Pepelnjak said...

Firefox 3.0+ has huge problems with XML+XSLT loaded in an IFRAME. That's how I've designed my AJAX applications a while ago and they all stopped working in FF3.0.

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